4 Best Places To Visit In India

India is a nation deeply rooted in its tradition and culture. Though it is not at the top of every traveller’s list, it can prove to be a surprising and exciting place to go, that is, if you visit the right places. A nation that houses the Taj Mahal, Agra, or the beautiful landscapes in Darjeeling and Rishikesh is not a nation to toss aside. The almost endless temples, markets, and streets of India are some of the sights that will keep you entertained on your trip around the country.

Whether you are going on a business trip or a luxury vacation, these places, listed below, are the ones you must visit. Check out the list of travel agencies and their reviews here so you can pick the best one for you. For the reviews on hotels, travel, and any other agencies or companies that should offer their services to make your journey smooth and stress-free, you should check BritainReviews.

1.  Agra

Agra is the city that houses the Taj Mahal—a symbol representing the spirit of the Indian people and one attracting millions of tourists every year. The view of this majestic structure in the gleam of the sunrise is deliciously beautiful. Apart from the Taj Mahal, Agra boasts of the fabulous Mughal monuments, such as Itimad-ud-Daulah’s tomb and the Akbar’s Mausoleum, among many others. All are designed with inlaid marble designs from top to bottom. The Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is also one of the must-see sights in Agra, India.

2.  New Delhi

New Delhi is crowded and rowdy—a typical city filled with so many people—however, it has many sights to offer to tourists. It is a city that mixes the old beliefs with the modern concept in perfect harmony. Some of the city’s treasured attractions include the Jama Masjid, Red Fort, and the Chandni Chowk. Other attractions are the Lotus Temple, India Gate, Humayun’s timber, and the tallest minaret in India, the Qutub Minar.

3.  Mumbai

Viewing the  Art Deco buildings and a cruise along the Marine Drive are activities you must engage in when you visit Mumbai. The Thieves market and the Churchgate railway station—where hundreds of thousands of workers’ lunches are delivered daily to the city workers—are also sights that will leave you spellbound and fascinated. If you are still not satisfied, you should check out the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and explore the carvings of the 2000-year-old Kanheri Cave.

4.  Rajasthan

The name of this city means “Land of Kings,” and it is home to the rich monarchical culture of Old India. Here, you will find magnificent palaces, majestic forts, and lively festivals. Jaipur dubbed the “Paris of India” and a part of the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, a classification that includes Agra and New Delhi, is one of the places you must visit when you enter Rajasthan. It is known for its unique pink buildings, stately City Palace, and jewellery stores.

Jodhpur dubbed the “ Blue City,” is known for its grand and picturesque hilltop Mehrangarh Fort. Udaipur is the city of romance and still houses the royal family till today. The last city you should visit is Jaisalmer. It is a city that captivates a tourist and compels them to admire the power of nature with its yellow sandstone structures and historic Havelis. No matter where you visit in Rajasthan, you are sure to enjoy yourself fully.

If you visit the city for the first time, you should ensure you read about India and understand its culture. You should also strive to keep safe at all times, even when you are basking in the revels of the country.