Top Tourist Destinations in Paris

For a tourist or a travel enthusiast, the first few visits to Paris could be overwhelming. One could easily stumble upon history and beauty on every street corner. You could be astounded by this beautiful city – giving you difficulty of where and which among the long list of museums and monuments are you going to begin. Most tourists prefer to acquire a vacation apartments in Paris in order to save from high hotel room costs.
Although every location in Paris is very interesting, there are a few destinations that a first time visitor who is in a Paris vacation rentals must include in her itinerary. Here is the list of this famously called “City of Lights” ten best sights and attractions. These destinations were elected by mass popularity, historical importance, and/or aesthetic appeal. Just a tip for first time visitors, it would be great to look for a Paris vacational rental space or place that would make all of the sites to be mentioned accessible.

  1. The Louvre – A lifetime would be needed to learn the Louvre inside and out. It is definitely one of Paris’ most visited attractions. The museum has over 2000 displays of paintings, sculptures, and ornamental objects. Also, this is where the globally famous Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo and the works of other famous artistsarelocated.
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral – Without the visit to this marvelous gothic architecture, one can’t say that he/she had the full Paris experience. It is said to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe – a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral will surely render you speechless with wonder and awe.
  3. Eiffel Tower – This landmark has become the representation of an elegant and contemporary Paris. Built in 1889, this Iron Tower is the work of Gustave Eiffel. At first, it was not very popular among the Parisians and it was nearly demolished, if not for its popularity among visitors from outside the city. If you will be having a vacation rental in Paris, it would be best to consider an apartment that has a great view of the EiffelTower.
  4. Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees – Standing 164 feet tall, Arc De Triomphe was built the request of Emperor Napoleon I. The arch was built during the time when leaders used monuments to celebrate their victory and to elevate their egos. The arch’s details and beautiful sculptures were to commemorate Napoleon’s generals and soldiers.
  5. Centre Georges Pompidou and the “Beaubourg” Neighborhood – This is considered to be the “cultural pulse” of the Parisians. It was built to honor President Georges Pompidou. The centre features a unique skeletal design which embodies blood vessels and bones.
  6. Boat tour at the Seine River – One unforgettable experience that you should not miss on your first visit to Paris is the boat tour in the SeineRiver. There are some tourist companies who offer one-hour tours of Seine for about 10 Euros. You can enjoy the scenic day view or you can opt to enjoy the shimmering play of light on water at night.
  7. Pere Lachaise Cemetry – Paris is not only famous for its lights, its artworks, and its elegant places. The city is also home to many of the world’s most poetic cemeteries – to which Pere Lachaise is the most popular. Many famous figures are buried in here – such as the remains of The Doors front man Jim Morrison, French playwright Molier, Richard Wright, Edith Piaf, andOscar Wilde.
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