How to watch zee channels from Europe

Europe is the biggest hub for Indians living abroad. People from India in several different parts of Europe, and many of them have permanent residence now. Even Though they have been living in Europe for several decades, they have not forgotten their roots and still feel connected to their mother country, India!

However, the biggest problem faced by them while living so far away from the motherland is that they can not stay updated about what is happening in India. To do so, they either have to call their relatives or wait for any major event to happen. Only then the news will be telecasted on their television sets. 

Though with the advancement of technology, things are not that complicated. The internet has made things easier! Yet, what is the fun when you have to search for everything on the internet?

How easy things will get if just by a simple click of the buttons you can get all the updates on your phone? Wouldn’t that be amazing? You must be thinking about how it is possible?

So let us explain to you how easily you can keep yourself updated about everything that is happening in India, and the next time you visit India, you will not feel outdated.

YuppTv is an OTT platform that one can use to access Indian shows on their mobiles and television sets. YuppTV is the world’s largest South Asia television content provider, and it has more than 13 million active users. 

The application is superb to use, and it has a 4.0 user rating. YuppTV offers 100+ Tv shows and 250+ channels that can be easily viewed on your television sets or mobile phones.

Apart from the 5000+ movies uploaded in the application library, users can also order movies on demand and enjoy watching Catch up TV and Live TV on their devices.

That is not just it! YuppTv has recently partnered with one of the most popular television networks in India: Zee. Now by using the YuppTv application, users can watch all the channels available with the Zee network without paying any extra cost. This step is taken after increasing demand from users. Zee Tv has a lot to offer, and people in India are crazy about the shows that are telecasted live on ZeeTV. Watch ZeeTv Live from Europe in multiple languages, including regional languages.

Some of the most popular Zee Tv live channels that one can view on their television sets are:

  1. ZeeTV: Watch Zee Tv Hindi Online. 
  2. ZeeCinema: You can watch Bollywood movies using the channel.
  3. &TV HD: A high definition channel for watching different categories of shows and movies in Hindi.
  4. Zing: A music channel where you can enjoy Bollywood beats and music.
  5. Alpha ETC Punjabi: The channel is best for viewing Indian and Canadian Punjabi content.
  6. Zee News: For news shows content related to India and other international news.
  7. Zee Business: The channel provides details about the upcoming trade deals in India. Stock market details and much more.
  8. Zee Telugu HD: The channel is to Watch Zee Telugu Tv live. 
  9. Zee Tamil: The channel is to Watch Zee Tamil Tv Live.
  10. Zee Kannada HD: Channel is also available in HD and has shows and series in Kannada.
  11. Zee Keralam: The channel shows dedicated content in Kerala.
  12. Zee Bangla: A channel which is shown in Bangla language.
  13. Zee Marathi: A Marathi channel for viewing your favourite shows in Marathi.