Don’t Forget to See These 5 Places of Shanghai

Shanghai is situated on the central coast of China and one of the biggest cities. It is a global financial hub with full of vibrant sites. The history and culture of Shanghai is very rich and due to this reason it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. This city is very prominent due to its festivals, night life, and so many other things. If you are choosing this city for your summer or winter vacations then it is a wonderful decision. Want to manage your trip in nominal budget? You should browse right away in order to take advantage of Cleartrip promo codeBy using this promo code, you can book your flight tickets without any problem. Isn’t it amazing? We have selected some major tourist spots of Shanghai that you must visit once in a lifetime. 

Visit the Lupu Bridge: 

It is a major tourist attraction in Shanghai and 2nd largest arch bridge on the globe. This recognizable and beautiful bridge attracts plenty of tourists every year. It looks simple during the day but looks mesmerizing during the night due to the colorful lighting. It is situated on the bank of river and gives perfect view. We recommend you to book a car and cross this bridge by capturing beautiful moments. 

See the Jade Buddha Temple: 

This temple represents the rich culture of Shanghai. It features plenty of relics and statutes that help you understand about their religion. It also holds a large marble Buddha statue which is the center of attention. It has tempting restaurants in its surrounding where you can enjoy fresh delicacies. You will feel tranquil and spiritual in this location. 

Enjoy a Ride on the Highways: 

Are you a big fan of long drives? If yes, then don’t miss this opportunity if you are in Shanghai. Enjoy a long drive on Shanghai Highways and make your trip memorable. You can also witness the beautiful and tallest buildings from this highway. In this way you can also explore the city life of Shanghai. Use Cleartrip promo code which is obtainable from and catch jaw dropping reduction on flight tickets. 

Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel: 

This hotel looks futuristic from the outside due to its neon lights. From inside, it is totally traditional in terms of interior and service. Its architecture is very unique and makes your stay luxury and relaxing. This hotel is a combination of modernity, tradition, elegance, and luxury. It is little expensive but completely worth it. 

Oriental Pearl Tower: 

It is famous due to its distinctive design and found in the Pudong District. Its shape and beautiful architecture makes it a major tourist attraction. If you are planning your trip to explore Shanghai then you should add this place to your bucket list. Exploit Cleartrip promo code from and catch ultimate cut rate on the fare of flight tickets and make your tour possible in nominal price point.