6 Useful Travel Hacks For US Citizens Traveling Within Europe

Usually, traveling within Europe comes with a lot of restrictions. Unlike other countries, US citizens are allowed to visit and tour Europe even without some requirement.

Europe has a lot of fascinating places like the Swiss Alps and other tourist sites that can make a vacation worth it. This is why most people desire to visit Europe.

Opinions and feedback on US-Reviews attest that US citizens have more opportunities than other countries when traveling in Europe. Some of them include traveling within Europe without the EU visa, once they have a valid US passport.

However, before you travel within Europe, gather and read reviews about travel insurance companies to give you the best experience.

Listed below are 6 useful travel hacks for you if you are a US citizen and you want to travel within Europe:

1.      Travel in the off season

Many people disagree when they are told this. A lot of people want to go when vacation is at its peak, they want to enjoy the Swiss Alps during the winter season and some other sights. However, a vacation is best enjoyed without crowds. Apart from preventing rowdiness, it would help you save money on food, accommodation, train tickets, amongst other things. If you do not meet up with certain seasons, you can still enjoy  certain tourist sites and views within Europe.

2.      Use budget airlines

Traveling around Europe might be costly, but if you use budget airlines to travel short distances it would save you a lot of money. Airfare is usually cheaper than train tickets. Also, it is sensible to pack lightly during travels. In this way, baggage fees are trimmed. You should get the best flight deals, too. You can have that when you go within discount periods on flight and group traveling.

3.      Make early reservations

Before anything else, make your reservations for flight, accommodation, and tour sites. If possible, make reservations three weeks before you travel to avoid panicking and looking for a place to stay. Secure places you want to visit or stay by paying.

4.      Control the use of credit cards

Whenever you need a ride, tender Euros and not credit cards. At airports or train stations, transaction fees are extremely high and may be a loss for you. When you get to a new location, order for a change of currency to that of your host country. You should not go everywhere and use your credit cards—it may be quite expensive to do so.

5.      Use BlaBlaCar for the cheapest rides

BlaBlaCar is a carpool service that matches passengers with passengers, and drivers with drivers. Passengers going to the same place are merged together with a driver. This would help you save expenses you would have spent on boarding a cab alone.

6.      Travel by train

Most people do not believe that train tickets are easy to get and cheaper to purchase. If you have decided to go by train, you should make the booking in earnest. Do group traveling and collect discounts that help you trim down your normal expenses.

Traveling within Europe is easier for US citizens because they have free access to some countries within Europe without having an EU. Examples of such include the countries within the Schengen zone like Austria, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, France, Germany. Whatever you do, the tips above should help you navigate Europe easier.